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Our Instructors

Sarv Music Academy is proud to be working with a passionate team of music educators based on a shared music teaching philosophy.

Our team of music instructors is among the best in Toronto, all with years of experience in teaching music, strong academic background, and active as performers, composers, or producers.

At Sarv Music Academy, our teachers are given the support and opportunity to implement their innovative pedagogical ideas. To stimulate this perpetual educational environment and to support our instructors' continuous growth, we organize regular pedagogy workshops inviting leading innovative music educators to learn the latest developments in pedagogical resources, techniques, and principles. Some of our guest pedagogues have included Brian Katz - Music Education, University of Toronto; Casey Sokol - Associate Professor, York University.

Are you a passionate music educator and like to join our team, or to participate in our pedagogy workshops?

Get in touch, send your resume, and tell us about what makes you an excellent fit for our team.

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