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Kids’ Music Class

Kids’ Music Program at Sarv Music Academy follows the Orff Schulwerk approach and incorporates elements of song, rhythm and movement in a very fun and engaging environment.

In each class, children experience music through joyful rhythmic, movement-based, and sung activities using games and storied in small groups. At the same time, using instruments designed specifically for children, they learn how to play music, how to read notes, and experience music deeply. In the course of their classes, children are also introduced to variety instruments in a hands-on way, and are prepared to start learning the instrument of their choice after they finish the program.

Why is our Kids’ Music program is the best fit for your children's musical development?

  • We provide the experience of learning music in a really fun, friendly and safe environment.

  • We help children develop core musical skills such as rhythm, pitch, note reading, fine and gross motor skills needed in playing instruments.

  • We encourage bi-lingual singing (English and Farsi) in our classes.

  • Children are also engaged in music-making through learning various instruments designed for their age, and level of development.

  • We prepare your children for learning a variety of classical and Iranian musical instruments of their choice as early as possible.