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Our Teaching Philosophy

We built our music teaching philosophy as a result of many years of training and experience and paying close attention to the recent research conducted in the academic field of music education. Based on regular conversation with researchers, music teachers, students and parents, Sarv Music Academy's music teaching philosophy can be summarized with the following five principles:


Everyone Can:
We believe that anyone who enjoys listening to music, has the innate capacity to learn, perform, and create music; provided that they have a willingness to learn; that they can spend some time for practice; and that they are instructed with the right program tailored for their interests, goals, and needs. Sarv Music Academy is dedicated to providing the necessary means to facilitate you in reaching your goals. In this journey, you need to be patient, and enjoy the time you spend in learning music.

Student First:
We do not believe in the streamlined, one-size-fits-all approach to music teaching. Therefore, our instructors use a variety of educational resources to create a unique program for you based on your age, interests, background, and needs. At Sarv Music Academy you, your musical engagement with the right educational material and comfortable learning environment is our priority.

Joy & Challenge:
We believe that the right balance of fun and challenge for each student is key to a healthy and meaningful musical development. Sense of growth and fulfillment comes through overcoming the right levels of cognitive and technical challenges in music learning. This balance can be achieved by learning a familiar song, while also encountering and discovering new musical or technical horizons. At Sarv Music Academy you nurture the excitement of your first day with an instrument with the joyful development of your ability and artistry.

Learning music goes beyond learning the skills of how to play the instrument. Developing listening skills, music literacy, creativity, being informed about the historical and social aspects of music, not only enhance a deeper understanding of music but also enrich the musical experience and the joy of music making. Sarv Music Academy creates the opportunity for students who wish to learn beyond their musical instrument and repertoire through providing extra-curricular classes such as Theory and Ear Training as well as weekly events such as Listening Club where we listen to, discuss and learn about music.

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Team Work:
Playing music in ensembles and orchestras is an excellent experience for musicians. At Sarv Music Academy, we provide our students opportunities for working in groups through our various ensembles, orchestra, and choir. This gives our students the unique opportunity to build necessary musicianship skills, musical communication, performance, and team-work while being a member of a musical family.