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Paria Forouzesh




Paria Forouzesh (Piano, Music & Health)

Having started her piano studies at the age of 9, Paria entered and graduated from Tehran Conservatory, and continued her studies at Fine Arts College of Tehran University. She has studied with Gagic Babayan, Sevda Jafarava, Setareh Beheshti,  Azin Movahed, and Payam Gerayeli among others. Paria has also pursued Jazz and Rock, and contemporary styles of music and is now completing her education in Arts Management in Toronto. Paria is also passionate about music education for students with special needs and has worked with Sina Fallah to further her experience in that field. Other than being an educator, Paria is active as an accompanist, and sound engineer, and regularly performs with her band Gorgg. As a music teacher, Paria is supportive, encouraging and passionate about her studentsā€™ discovery of the world of music, and is eager to help establish solid technical facility and literacy while opening the door for a musical exploration of classical and contemporary music.