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RCM Exam info


 RCM Exam Information

What is the RCM Exam? 

Royal Conservatory of Music has developed graded material for all classical music instruments including strings, piano, flute, guitar, voice and theory decades ago. Exams are open to any student who wishes to take them. If students pass the levels and also do the theory and history exams related to each grade, they will receive a certificate for that grade. For the practical exam, students will have to play a number of pieces from memory, scales, technique and ear training.

RCM is recognized in North America and Europe. In Ontario, RCM Practical level 7 is recognized as a high school credit. There is no consequence in failing or re-doing RCM exams.

Why do an RCM exam?

  • Because it is a great tool of motivation for practice.

  • Because of the feedback you get from another teacher.

  • You will have to perform pieces with piano accompaniment, which is great fun, and great experience.

  • It helps make sure we are not neglecting one or another area of study.

  • It’s great on C.V and resumes, also a plus for competitive universities even if you are not pursuing music or arts. 



  • Most exams take place 3 times a year: January, June, and August.

  • You have to register at

  • You will need a teacher number. (You can get this from your teacher).

  • You need to choose a location (We recommend Central Location).



  • With the exception of Preliminary Level and Grade 1, minimum 45minute lessons are required, so we can work on all the material needed. For many students 1 hour lessons work better.

  • Please schedule your holidays and break time not right before the exam. It’s important that we prepare and practice diligently and build up to the exam.

  • You might need to take a few extra classes before exams. (Ontario By-Laws allow students to miss a half-day each week of school for music lessons.)

  • Start preparing and practicing early. For music, last-minute cramming really doesn’t work!!

  • Learn about the different parts of the exam from your teacher.

  • Top Students get Honours and Awards.

Piano Accompaniment

  • We will prepare for an accompanist to come to at least 2 lesson, and I recommend that you have an extra session with the student.

  • Pianists generally charge around $80 to $100 for 3 rehearsals and an exam. You can either pay the pianist directly or arrange to pay through SARV.

Exam Day:

  • For those who are doing their exams for the 1st time, I will be there at the examination centre to tune and help prepare for the exam. (Teachers or parents are not allowed to see the examination).

  • Piano Accompanists will be present at the examination centre and will be in the exam room for part of the exam.

  • They are generally very nice and welcoming, and encouraging at the examinations.

  • The other cool thing is: YOU CAN MISS SCHOOL ON THE EXAM DAY!